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The MCI Dream is about a desire to build a company that considers others with a belief that people and their diversity represent our wealth; but also an aspiration to leave a mark and be a shining example of innovation, quality and corporate responsibility leadership. A conviction that we are vested with the mission to shake up our event industry and transform it in preparation for a sustainable future.

Sebastien Tondeur

Sebastien Tondeur
Chief Executive Officer

From an early age I was blessed to have been brought up in an environment that fostered a curiosity in the world and that taught me the importance of harmony and achieving a balance between your professional and personal life. Over time, it has become more important to learn how to adapt our business to balance growth with impact on the earth’s resources and also to seek to integrate our professional life with personal activities in a way that builds a healthier planet and happier communities. I am proud to see that balanced and sustainable thinking is now a core element of the MCI Culture.

This spring, I launched our new business plan entitled the “MCI Painted Picture 2015: The MCI Dream”. Our global vision is to double the size of our business whilst holding onto our original aspiration based upon a number of core principles: our people and their diversity are our wealth and we are a company that is a shining example of innovation, quality focus and corporate responsibility leadership for our industry. At the root of our ambition is a commitment to shake up our industry and build a global leader to transform the event industry in preparation for a more sustainable future.

As part of our plan, this year we re-emphasised our company Core Values. Environmental, Social and Economic responsibility are key ingredients of these values. Our commitment to sustainability and the UN Global Compact are now more important and relevant than ever.

We have come to learn that sustainability encourages engagement and in turn engagement breeds sustainability. We have seen that with this engagement comes power: a power to innovate, to improve relationships, to support our clients, to have fun, to build our brand and to give back to the community. This is why the report is called the Power of Engagement and as you review this report I hope and trust that you will get a very clear picture of how the MCI community is engaging together to create change; embedding sustainability into our operations, client services and how we work with our most precious resource – our talent.

Even this new reporting format, an interactive and dynamic website speaks of our desire to both engage a wider audience whilst continuing to innovate and demonstrate our commitment to integrity and transparency.

If your time is scarce, I invite you to read the highlights of our progress. For me, five of our greatest achievements in 2012 were the:

  • Introduction of our strategic management scorecard  that evaluates and benchmarks the sustainability performance of each of our major offices
  • Expanded implementation of the Event Safety and Sustainability  Tool (ESST) into our operations. The tool is now used to assess the security and sustainability risks of over 76% of our events. That equates to an impressive 2660  meetings and events
  • Dedication and passion of our talent supporting 68 charities, volunteering over 1,481 hours and raising funds for community projects all around the world
  • Continued growth of our sustainability event portfolio. We have provided logistical and strategic advisory services to over 153 events in the energy and sustainability including the RIO+20 UN Corporate Sustainability Forum, the GRI Global Conference on Sustainability and Reporting, and the UN Convention on Biological diversity (COP11). We guided the Danish Government to become the first organisation in the world to achieve the new ISO20121 certification whilst implementing the first “Sustainable EU Presidency.”
  • Launch of the annual MCI Dream Day where globally more than 800 MCI employees voluntarily embraced a “free” day to focus on reflecting on and planning their personal, family and professional dreams. 94% of all participants agreed that Dream Day was motivational, inspirational and helpful in visualizing and planning their dreams.

One of our key challenges is to collaborate with our clients to balance business and sustainable priorities. We are still challenged to moderate marketing and ROI with the desire to also do good. It is our role to continue to take a leadership position on sustainability, to confront the status quo, and to inspire and support our clients and staff to act differently. There is no contradiction between running a financially viable business, acting responsibly and contributing to sustainable development. Our commitment needs to take at least one significant step each year.

This is our fourth sustainability report. The initiatives and results that you see demonstrate that great progress has been made but that our journey is far from complete. The truth is, it will never be complete. But with an unyielding determination, a restless culture of innovation and responsibility, and continued engagement with our partners across the world, it’s our hope that MCI can continue to be a strong and enduring force for progressive growth and positive change for generations to come.

Sebastien Tondeur
Chief Executive Officer

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