MCI Sustainability Report 2012

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Through the events we organise and the organisations we support, MCI is at the forefront of driving dialogue that shapes the future and transforms our industry.

This interactive sustainability report is our story of how we’ve used the power of engagement to deliver sustainable results through collaboration to create value for MCI, our clients and the communities we serve. We believe that when people come together, magic happens.

Looking beyond our business landscape, we see a world in transition to a sustainable economy where people need to meet and work together to develop solutions to the world’s challenges.

We envision a future where we will meet digitally and face to face to collaborate. A time when renewable sources of energy will power the destinations where we operate, event waste will be transformed into an asset and workers are fairly treated. A place where event attendee wellbeing is guaranteed, local communities are supported and social/environmental impact is a critical metric of success.

Our vision is to build a sustainable business with a culture of care and responsibility that facilitates the transformation to a sustainable planet, just society and a growing economy.

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Message from the CEO


2012 Highlights

Community Action